I am free of the migraines that have troubled me for ever 10 years!

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My three children and I have been seeing Dr. Deborah for just over two and a half years. I am free of the migraines that have troubled me for ever 10 years! My children are free of ear infections and other childhood aches and pains. One of my children has vision challenges- chiropractic relieves the pain he accumulates in his neck and head due to eye strain. We are all free from antibiotics now and have been since coming to this clinic. Chiropractic has changed our lives- just ask our pediatrician and my internal medicine doctor. I recently took my daughter in for her yearly well-check. My pediatrician said “Where have you guys been? This has been the worst flu/cold season. I’ve seen other patients 2-3 times more than usual and I haven’t seen you at all. What have you been doing to stay so healthy?” When I told her “Chiropractic” she said, “Well, keep it up. It’s certainly working!”

Truly, I can’t believe we were once without the knowledge of all chiropractic can do. It’s such a part of our life now and contributes to our health and overall well being in such an amazing way!
-Shama Albright



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