So how did it change my life? I’m no longer a skeptic...

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How Chiropractic Changed my Life…

Can one just ever “mind your own business” while driving in Seattle traffic? Not really. Even when I try, I still end up on the backend of someone’s bumper or someone else hitching on mine for a tow. Two accidents later and multiple “traditional” doctors later, I was open to exploring other options, even charms or spells. Anything to get rid of the back pain. And then someone not so close to me suggested chiropractic.

“voodoo medicine.” That’s what I thought about chiropractic care. I was open to charms and spells but certainly not voodoo. Chiropractic was that mystical art where they made you lay on a table, put your face down in what was closely related to a cushioned toilet bowl seat and then some 300 pound hairy guy jumped on your back, twisted your leg around your head, pulled you up off the table, gave you a pat on the back (that required you to seek another visit to fix the damage) and congratulated you on seeking “the finest care in the world.” No way, not me.

So, my wife went. And began to have tremendous results. How could she possibly be having results when the appointment only lasted, maybe, 10 minutes? Didn’t she know that the cure was actually waiting endless hours at the doctor’s clinic? This waiting sends a trigger in your brain that sends the person a message that no pain is worse than this endless waiting (except maybe watching endless hours of Lawrence Welk) and this, one is cured. But she swore she was having improvement.

So, I went. And I actually became educated to the fact that chiropractic is juts a form of healthcare without drugs or surgery. I was definitely going to miss those muscle relaxers! However, what I found, despite not having the drugs, is that after a month or so, I was able to sit through a movie without pain or discomfort. The nightly routine with the heat and ice packs began to disappear and I could actually rough-house and play “horse” with the nephews without suffering the next day.

This “voodoo medicine,” which is actually the third largest doctoral-level health care profession after medical and dentistry, was doing that the more “traditional” doctors couldn’t do: give me long term relief. It seems that more and more people, over 30 million people last year alone, are finding that chiropractic care is the answer.

So how did it change my life? I’m no longer a skeptic.

Written by: Mike Schindler



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