Dr. Deb featured in the Kirkland Courier

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Dr. Deb in the Kirkland Courier
Chiropractic Care and Nutrition gives my body new life.

Through 3 years of High School and 6 years of Collage, I majored in snowboarding and ‘minored’ in Engineering. In the early 90’s, my body took a real beating because the rocky mountains typically had bad snow conditions (i.e. icy, flat landings,) and poorly designed jumps. Despite no coaching, and no home training ground, I and my brother earned national rankings 3 years in a row.

After graduating from College and having massive school debt to start paying off, I quit competing and got a desk job. Just a few short years later, the effects of 8 years of competition and a college kid’s diet began to take hold. I couldn’t even bike short distances, without my knees killing me. After just an hour or so in a chair, my back would start sending spikes of pain radiating out from between my shoulder blades. And athletically I was going down-hill fast. Even my motivation for life was negatively effected, in spite of striving for some spiritual growth.

In 2002, I began my journey of better nutrition, and started to noticed significant increase in energy, and much less pain in my joints throughout my body. So in 2003, I started dreaming of competition again, only this time at the professional level. However, my back pain persisted in spite of excellent nutrition and a reasonably good workout routine. So when I finally got fed up with the pain, I called up my grandfather, Dr. David Simons*, a world renowned expert on muscular-skeletal pain, to get his advice. Based on my description of my symptoms, he suggested I find a really good Chiropractor to see if they could help. By divine intervention, I happened to see a flyer about Dr. Mark Fredrick, which told his story of how he became a Doctor of Chiropractic. I was so impressed by his attitude, that I scheduled an appointment at his clinic. I appreciated their philosophy of how the body works, and their method of educating the patient in how Chiropractic works and why.

After two weeks of intensive care at Dr. Mark’s clinic, it became clear to me that my brain/body connection had been radically improved and I just needed to retrain myself to take advantage of that new faster connection. Sure enough, one month later, I was performing tricks on my snowboard that I had previously only dreamed of, and in 2003 and 2004 I finally realized my dream of competing at the professional level in Snowboarding.

Over the last four years, I have experienced the excellent care of four different clinics because I keep changing where I live and work. First was Mark’s clinic at Woodway-Chiro, Lynnwood WA, where my initial dysfunctions were corrected. Then I was able to drastically improve the curvature of my neck and overall posture while under the care Dr. Deborah Adam’s team at Kirkland Life Chiro, Kirkland WA. And most recently I am receiving excellent maintenance care from Drs David and Shay at Doyle Chiro in Bothell, WA and Dr. Carrie Stiver at Reconnection-Chiro in Seattle WA.

I would need a lot less maintenance adjustments if I didn’t have a hard-core desk/computer job all day. About once a month the negative cumulative effect of sitting for long periods does need to be reversed through periodic adjustments and body-work.

But despite the negative effects of my job, I have still been able to make excellent progress in my new athletic pursuit of gymnastics, which I have begun at the young age of 33 years. Because of the vast improvement of my spine’s health, and a foundation of excellent nutrition, I have achieved a few mile-stones in less then a year of part-time gymnastics practice: Most recently the layout back-flip with full-twist on the trampoline, and the standing-back-tuck-flip on the floor.

On snow, I have finally conquered the Rodeo Flip and Back-side-720-spins, thereby allowing me to pursue my dream of being one of the Northwest’s top Freestyle Coaches in order to help many other kids realize their own snowboard dreams. Oh, and one last side benefit of the combination of nutrition, chiropractic care, and exercise: I haven’t been sick in over 4 years now!!

Now my passion is to help other’s enjoy similar good health for a lifetime. The lesson in this story is that Dreams do come true, when you give your body a real chance to heal itself and develop the way God intended it to work!!

“The truth shall see you Free,”

-Timothy ‘Freeman’ Ganstrom

*Co-author of landmark research texts on ‘Myofascial pain and trigger points’ with Dr. Travell; bios on the web at: http://www.triggerpointbook.com/travell.htm



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