I am so thankful for the miracles you have provided for me, I want to share my experience with others...

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Dear Dr. Deborah,

I am so thankful for the miracles you have provided for me, I want to share my experience with others with the expectation that it can help them if they are considering chiropractic services. I strongly recommend your services based on the following experiences:

For eight months, I had been experiencing numbness in the fingers of my right hand. Then I noticed that my legs were feeling weak, and I really began to worry. I consulted a doctor who advised that all this was a normal part of aging, but I was only 56 years of age. I couldn’t understand why I was having those discomforts, and could not accept them as part of the aging process, but I had no basis to argue with the doctor, who was considered competent.

Then one Sunday morning I took a walk, and I’ll never forget how that changed my life. I noticed a number of white tents set up at Marina Park. Curious, I walked among the tents, and for the first time in my life I met a Chiropractor, Deborah Adams. We talked about my numbness and weakness problems for a while. When we said good bye, I left the park with my heart full of hope!

The next day I came to the office and went through x-rays, examination and began treatments. After just one week, the numbness was gone. After a few months, I was a new person, full of energy, strong and thankful for my good health. In the belief that I was cured and no longer needed treatments, I stopped coming to the office.

About a year after I stopped treatments, I experienced severe neck and arm and back pain from a work related injury, and it brought me back into your capable hands. Soon, these problems were resolved by your treatments, another success story.

The most amazing miracle was what you did for my granddaughter. After hearing about her chronic ear infections that had gone on regularly for 3 years, you asked that I bring her in. I must admit I was somewhat skeptical, but I brought her in anyway. Since your treatments, she has gone 4 years with no ear infection. That is truly amazing!

Dancing the night away!

Without you, Dr. Deborah, I couldn’t have
danced all night at the Brazilian Carnival.

Thank you again for all your help.


Regina Leite



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