Does my child need a spinal checkup?

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As a parent, you would do everything in your power to ensure your child has a healthy start to life. During pregnancy, you do your best to eat right, avoid smoking and alcohol, and after birth many people choose to breastfeed in order to provide the most natural form of nourishment to your child. During the early years and all throughout childhood you have your child’s eyes checked, ears checked, and their teeth checked for any signs of abnormal structure and function. Why not have their spine checked too? Your child’s spine is literally the backbone for the overall health of their young bodies. Many parents have not been made aware of the necessity to schedule regular and periodic spinal check-ups. At a young age a spinal check-up is vital as Subluxation of the spine can interfere with the delicate growth, repair, and function of every tissue in the body that is establishing your child’s current and future health. The nervous system responsible for the control and coordination of every cell, tissue and organ lies in the central and peripheral nervous system, and your child’s spine, just as in the adult spine, is the gateway for communication from the spinal cord to the rest of the body. A chiropractic check up can help ensure a healthier baby and child with a higher resistance to disease and a healthier nervous system.
How Do Kids Get Subluxation So Young?
The answer lies in the mild and major traumas of a child’s daily life. A baby’s spine usually develops perfectly during pregnancy, however after birth is when the perfect environment of a mother’s womb ends. During the birthing process, the baby’s trip through the birth canal and assistance from the person delivering the child can result in pulling, pushing, and twisting of the baby’s head, neck, and body which can move or push the vertebrae out of place. As infants, sudden stops in cars, constant falls from learning to walk, or a bump to the head are all simple and seemingly uncomplicated events, however they are actually repetitive traumas to the delicate young spine that can cause harmful subluxation. As kids get a little older, crouching while playing on the floor, running, jumping, falls off bikes, sports, other activities and even poor posture while sitting throughout the day slumped over a desk in grade school are all daily minor traumas that have a tremendous effect on the young developing spine that has not fully formed yet.
Can Parents or Pediatricians Recognize Childhood Spinal Subluxation?
Although parents often can tell when their baby is sick, has a fever, or is showing other more obvious problems, it is difficult for them to realize when their child has a spinal subluxation. Just as a dentist is trained to evaluate if a child has a cavity, a chiropractor is trained and highly specialized to evaluate for spinal subluxation through observation and gentle testing. If your child has persistent health issues like a baby’s head consistently turned to one side, disturbed sleeping patterns, colic, persistent earaches, constipation, bedwetting as well as other persistent health issues, having their spine checked is vital to check for nervous system interference as these and many other conditions have responded well to chiropractic care. While pediatric check-ups are an important part of your child’s healthy upbringing, your pediatrician is not trained to detect subtle spinal subluxations. Just as your chiropractor is not as specialized to listen to your infant’s heart and lungs as your pediatrician is, your pediatric doctor is not specialized in the area of detecting and correcting spinal subluxation as a chiropractor is. If you would like to schedule a Consultation or Spinal Check-Up for your child click on the link to be directed to the appointment set up page.
What Will My Child’s Chiropractic Treatment Be Like?
After your chiropractor finishes a thorough history and evaluation of your child’s spine to identify any areas of subluxation, he or she will then deliver a gentle but effective chiropractic adjustment. When treating an infant or young child, chiropractic adjustments are safe, gentle, and natural. Your chiropractor will use light adjustments with either their finger tips or a gentle tool to deliver a specific adjustment with gentle pressure to the area of subluxation, restoring normal spinal alignment and function. With babies and infants the amount of pressure used is similar to the amount of pressure you would use to check if a tomato is ripe. No force excessive of this is ever needed nor used. A child typically needs only a few adjustments to restore the normal spinal structure since the young spine is easily adjusted into place. Kids love getting adjusted at Kirkland Life Chiropractic where we have a fun, family oriented environment.
Our children deserve to have the best possible chance at a healthy life without the use of dangerous drugs and chemicals. Do all you can to ensure your child has the best possible start to a lifetime of health and vitality. Schedule your child’s chiropractic check-up today.



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